Dance Central (Harmonix) is getting a VR makeover in 2019.

Look forward to blood on the lounge floor as Harmonix announces Dance Central VR

Harmonix, best known for being the fine people that brought us Rock Band and Dance Central, have announced their latest foray into the catch-all-the-beats genre: Dance Central! Only this time it’s in VR, so you can dance like nobody’s watching, except everybody is and you can’t tell.

This time, you’ll be dancing one-on-one with one of the original cast members, trying to match their moves while they act like they’ve been paid to partner with you, maintaining an expression of professional positivity as you flail through the moves with all the grace of an excitable Kermit.

The website suggests that, with your newly-acquired skills, you will be able to enter any club and “WIN ALL THE DANCE OFFS”. A bold claim. I look forward to finding one of these discotechs, of which the children speak, and wowing the youths with my spirited take on Turn Down for What.

It’s probably just as fun as the original (shut up and let people like things), although it’s only a matter of time before the first reports of dance-induced injuries arise, due to the majority of us owning furniture, and cats, and cat furniture.

Dance Central will be available for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift some time this year.

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