Russia has developed a shotgun-wielding drone hunter and it's not even an April Fools joke

Meanwhile in Russia, shotgun-toting drones

Because what could possibly go wrong with a drone capable of firing a fully-automatic shotgun? Oh, Russia.

And it’s apparently not even an April Fools’ joke, according to Russian defence site, Dambiev. They suggest a patent for the “unmanned aerial interceptor vehicle” was registered in March, but only a demonstration version actually exists at present. Yay? It was developed by the Almaz-Antey Air and Space Defence Corporation.

The drone is controlled remotely, via video link through a fancy visor, allowing the operator to both fly the drone and aim the weapon from a distance. A shotgun was chosen because of the wide dispersal pattern of the shot. Specifically, they chose the 12 gauge Vepr-12 shotgun, which has a 10 round magazine, and, fun fact, was patterned after the Kalashnikov. The drone itself is capable of menacing the skies for 40 minutes before needing a rest.

This isn’t the only drone-hunter in Russia’s ever-expanding flock; the Karnivor is already in testing, and it’s packing shock nets, frag grenades, and anti-tank bombs. It makes this new shotgun drone look like 4DX Duck Hunter.

The guns fly now, okay, just deal with it.


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