Somebody please start a GoFundMe campaign to buy Division agents some torches

With a hot new summer catalogue and a hi-tech loadout of autonomous drones, turrets, EMPs, and even nano medibots, us Division agents are properly prepared for every contingency in the post-apocalypse… except the dark. Which feels like an especially egregious bureaucratic lapse in a city that features, like, an entire Dark Zone. I mean, it’s in the name.

I realise that times are hard and resources are limited and ambient volumetric fog is important, but is some duct tape and batteries too much to ask from requisitions? You don’t even have to supply the torch, because some guy on Reddit found one, and if we can make blueprints for things like complex optics attachments, this should be a super easy project for the guys in the lab.

The guys in the lab.

The lab.

The SHD lab.

“SHD-pronounced-shade” lab.

Shade. Dark.

Hang o-



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