PAX East reveals that the Fallout 76 bobby pin drama got a little extra

What’s the most passive aggressive feedback you’ve ever received? Fallout 76’s executive director, Todd Howard, was mailed a box of bobby pins, so I think he might win over that one time Tina listed all the things you were, like totally, good at, when none of them had anything to do with your actual job. Sick burn, Tina.

Fallout 76 didn’t have the smoothest of Reclamation Days, but it has since patched things up somewhat for that one guy still playing it. At peak clusterfuck, it was a sight to behold, with bugs, and glitches, and crashes galore, with one issue being particularly irksome: the weight assigned to that sneak-thief staple, the bobby pin.

Traditionally, bobby pins in Fallout were weightless, but Fallout 76 was going for #grittyrealism so bobby pins initially had a weight of 0.1 pounds; over 60 times heavier than a real bobby pin. This has since been patched so that they now weigh 0.001 pounds, but, apparently, this fix didn’t come fast enough for one cranky fan.

At the PAX East, Bethesda Game Days Fallout 76 panel, Todd Howard revealed that he received a box of bobby pins in the mail, with a note that simply read “Weigh these”.

Good feedback, Tina!

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