Serious Sam: Tormental, by Croteam, is now available on Steam

Serious Sam: Tormental now seriously available on Steam’s Early Access

Sam is back, blasting his way through the mind of his arch-nemesis, Mental, and this time it’s, like, serious. He just needed a change of perspective… again.

Serious Sam: Tormental is a rogue-lite, top-down shooter-upperer, developed by Croteam and Gungrounds, not to be confused with I Hate Running Backwards, which is also a rogue-lite, top-down shooter, produced by Croteam, that lets you play as Serious Sam, but isn’t Serious Sam.

In Tormental you get to shoot your way through procedurally generated dungeons, alone or in local co-op, completing challenges, and constructing your own, unique weapons from random parts you find along the way, all in an effort to defeat that dastardly Mental once and for all.

Completing the challenges unlocks new worlds, characters, weapons, and upgrades and, if you liked Geometry Wars, Nuclear Throne, Binding of Isaac, or Enter the Gungeon, you’ll probably like this. If you’re a Serious Sam fan, you’ll probably still like this, even if it isn’t an FPS, since it seems to have all the Serious Sam bits, just from a different angle; he’s even wearing the same shirt.

Serious Sam: Tormental is currently in Early Access on Steam for R89.00, with the full version coming in two to three months.

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