The Division 2’s next update reduces skill power level requirements for mods

Skill mods. Those things you’ve probably got about a million of in your inventory, but can’t even use because the skill power level requirement is, like, 9000, and your skill power level is 37.

Until now. Or tomorrow, anyway.

The game’s next update includes a complete revamp of the mod system, according to the Massive team’s recent “State of the Game” livestream, reducing the level requirements for skill mods, and also scrubbing some of the negative affixes on weapon mods.

Skill power is being adjusted top to bottom, so even your own level could drop, but the requirements to use mods drops too. Since launch, The Division 2’s weapon mods have featured two basic affixes, one positive and one negative – a holo scope, for example, boosts accuracy by 10%, but also limits optimal range by 15%. The update will introduce new affixes for weapon mods, removing a lot of those negatives, with at least one mod for every slot featuring zero negative affixes. Positive affix bonuses will be re-balanced to compensate for this on mods which have no negative affix, though, so expect that accuracy boost to dial back.

The update is scheduled to go live on Friday, with a server shutdown starting at 10:00 local time for an estimated three hours of deployment.

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