CLICKBAIT: Photorealism in UE4, Duke Nukem VR, and Ricky Gervais roasting people

Clickbait is your weekly wrap up of interesting and must-watch videos you’ve missed this week. This list is produced as a result of procrastination, caffeine, and late-night YouTube link surfing. Some videos will amaze you and some will tickle your funny bone. Also, don’t forget to check out the secret link at the end of the article.

Introducing photorealism in Unreal Engine 4

That’s it, I’ll volunteer my brain for a Bobiverse style upload if this is the world’s we can create now. Check out this insane demo produced by Quixel. Using UE4 and real-world scans from the Megascans Icelandic collection, they are able to produce photorealistic results rivaling traditional offline renderers, Rebirth is a short that represents a new way of crafting computer graphics. It’s not just a beautiful short movie, it asks the existential question of machine/human hybrids.

Ricky Gervais being Ricky Gervais

In this week’s YouTube funny stuff compilation some clever oke put together a hilariously funny video with a bunch of Ricky Gervais roasts. How have I not seen these before? Don’t be drinking your coffee while watching this. You’ve been warned.

Duke Nukem 3D VR

Did you know that the original Duke Nukem 3D was remade for VR thanks to a mode for Serious Sam 3 VR. As you’ll see in this video, it’s a pretty impressive mod. Now, where did I put my HTC Vive? Oh yea that’s right, I don’t have one…yet.

This rollercoaster, though

I love these massive virtual worlds that game fans build in their favourite games. We’ve seen some incredible Minecraft builds but this one built in Planet Coaster is simply majestic. If you’ve done a major build in your favourite construction game, let us know with a link below.

H3 Podcast #36 – Dr Disrespect

If you have not seen the good doctor’s game streams you need to put down what you’re doing and go check out his channel right now. Then, for a little back story, and get some insights into the man himself, watch the H3 podcast interview. Legend.

The Joker trailer

I was not too excited when I heard Joaquin Phoenix was starring in the new Joker movie but after seeing the trailer for this flick I’m a converted man. This is gearing up to be a goodie.

Weezer – Buddy Holly

Hand’s up if you watched this music video for the first time on the old Windows 95 CD. I remember it well, it was one of the very few music videos I had access to on my PC. It kinda grew on us, now this song is a classic.











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Remember… Space Quest 2?