The movement-tracking command center monitor used in Jurassic World

A Chinese company now tracks its workers via GPS and that’s the IMPROVED version of the new policy

A sanitation company in eastern China has started tracking its workers using GPS-enabled wearables (because China) and this is actually the less invasive version of the new system.

According to the South China Morning Post, the Nanjing West River Environmental Services sanitation company has required their workers to wear the “smart bracelets” since March. The bracelets are used for clocking in and to track the wearer’s position, in real-time, from a command center (yes), using GPS, to ensure they stay within their designated work area.

If that’s not creepy enough for you, originally, if the worker stood still for longer than 20 minutes, the bracelets also had the ability to relay an “encouraging” voice prompt to keep moving. This lead to much aimless wandering back and forth, to avoid rebuke, once all the litter in an area had been collected.

This feature has since been removed, due to public outcry, and there have been calls for the entire system to be scrapped, but the company claims “This [programme] has greatly improved the efficiency of the city’s sanitation”.

So now it’s just dystopian-lite. Cool cool cool…

This kind of thing isn’t new to China; there’s already that school monitoring its learners via smart uniforms and an app that lets you report the “wasteful” expenditure of other people to the government, in an effort to curb debt. Yeah…


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