Borderlands 3 introduces new weapon manufacturer bonuses

With “over one billion guns” in the sequel, according to its announcement trailer, Gearbox is keeping things interesting with a remix of its distinctive brand idiosyncrasies – remember how Tediore guns doubled up as improvised grenades in Borderlands 2? Like that, but more.

This is what you can expect from the galaxy’s new catalogue of carnage.

Jakobs – Ricochet Bullets

“Deliver devastating critical hits to enemies’ soft-and-sensitives, then joy-puke as your bullets ricochet towards other targets.”

Jakobs is about maximum firepower, if you know how to aim. Old skool kool, with something extra.

Atlas – Tracker Tag Bullets

“Step 1: Hit your enemies with tracker tags. Step 2: Unleash a hail of Smart Bullets that track towards your targets. Step 3: Loot!”

With innovative future-tech conveniences for the busy Vault Hunter, Atlas has eliminated the tedious chore of tracking enemies with bullets that do the work for you.

Torgue – Sticky Explosive Projectiles

“Switch between regular and sticky-projectile fire modes. Stickies do more damage if a bunch of them detonate on the same target.”


Children of the Vault – Infinite Ammo

“Enjoy uninterrupted damage-dealing courtesy of ‘infinite’ ammo magazines, occasionally interrupted by unpredictable overheating.”

Making their debut in Borderlands 3, Children of the Vault guns warp space-time, bend gravity, and subvert public decency to produce a constant stream of… something. Until they don’t.

Hyperion – Shield and Accuracy

“Aim down the sights to take cover behind your weapon-mounted shield and keep your finger on the trigger for increased accuracy.”

Hyperion weapons feature responsive stablisers that reduce recoil over time, with enhanced shield tech to keep you alive until then.

Dahl – Alt Fire Modes

“Toggle between alternate fire modes depending on your play style, your predicament, and your predilection for bonus damage.”

Full auto? Semi-auto? Single-shot? Burst? Clumsy, uncoordinated bullet-spray? Dahl is redefining the rules of selective fire modes.

Maliwan – Multiple Elements

“Toggle between two elements, charge your weapon, and deal guaranteed elemental damage with your finger glued to the trigger.”

Because what’s better than one elemental damage type? Two. SCIENCE.

Tediore – Pursuit Guns

“Toss your gun like a grenade to reload, then watch it pursue a nearby enemy as a fully loaded version digistructs in your hand.”

The same Tediore you know and love, now with a goodbye kiss you can’t escape, like Aunt Esmeralda.

Vladof – Underbarrel Attachments

“Augment these rapid-firing, ammo-hungry guns with under-barrel attachments including tasers, rocket tubes, and additional gun barrels.”

Yo, we heard you like gun barrels, so we got you more gun barrels. Combo deal!


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