Neon Genesis Evangelion LCL bath salts turn your bath water orange

Evangelion bath salts will give you smooth skin, but not let you sync with your robo-mum

You can now experience the sensation of being immersed in the LCL you know from Neon Genesis Evangelion, without the associated childhood trauma or tedious requirement to defend the world, with these bath salts from Japan, sugoi! Please do not attempt to breathe the liquid.

Available from the Evangelion Store, these bath salts may not allow you to sync with your Eva Unit, but they will turn your bath water a milky orange colour, “heal everyday fatigue”, and leave your skin feeling smooth as a freshly-birthed clone. They even have a pleasing peach scent, instead of the traditional –SPOILER ALERT– angel blood.

Neon Genesis Evangelion LCL bath salts turn your bath water orange

If you’re not into amniotic orange, you can always try the NERV-specific version (which turns your water a milky green instead), because nothing says relaxation like a shadowy corporation forcing children into combat with alien beings, hell-bent on the Earth’s destruction.

I sincerely hope that it says somewhere on the packaging that this will not make your water breathable, since we live in a world where bags of nuts contain allergen warnings for nuts. The only warning in English says “Don’t eat!” which I think illustrates my point.

Thanks to Crunchyroll for this discovery.

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