Latest Nintendo Switch update improves stability and sorting options

The latest firmware update for the Nintendo Switch is now available, improving stability and adding organisational options, but not folders, never folders.

Update version 8.0.0 has improved stability, specifically enhancing the behaviour of the Joy-Cons, but its also added a little something to keep your inner neat freak happy: game sorting. You can now order the games on your Home screen by last played, total play time, alphabetical by title, and publisher. It’s not folders, but it should make everything, including your zen, easier to find.

You can also now transfer your individual game save files to another Switch, meaning you don’t have to move everything if you don’t want to. Just remember, it’s not a copy, the files get erased from the original device after the move.

Other updates include a zoom feature, to enhance accessibility, new icons for Splatoon 2 and Yoshi’s Crafted World, an option to prevent the system from waking up from Sleep Mode when its unplugged or when undocking, and added parental controls related to VR Mode.

For more details on the update, including how to do it manually, check here. Version 8.0.0 is currently live.

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