Modding tools for the Witcher 3 let you create your own quests

Make your own Witcher 4 with new modding tools

If you weren’t satisfied with letting Geralt just chill for a bit by the end of Blood and Wine, or with his cameos in Monster Hunter: World, then why not make up your own adventures? All that griffin boning and lady slaying doesn’t have to stay locked in your special fanfic folder anymore, because there are now modding tools that will let you create whatever quests you want.

A modder named rmemr has developed a set of tools, called radish, that allow users to create new, in-depth quests by modifying different types of game content. Just don’t expect it to be easy; this isn’t a point-and-click world-builder. It’s recommended that you have intermediate or advanced knowledge of W3 modding techniques in order to make use of the tools so, if you were looking for the right motivation to learn a new skill, maybe this is for you.

There’s also no documentation, as yet, and rmemr is looking for help in creating a knowledge base, tutorials, etc. They’re just one person. You can download the modding tools here. It isn’t the full set, but you can get a feel for what will be possible.

Check out the trailer, below, for some examples of what you can get up to.

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