The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update comes out on 30 April 2019

Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update includes a yo ho whole lot of new content

The waters were a little rough when Sea of Thieves first ventured out onto the treacherous ocean of public opinion, but Rare’s bringing the booty with its upcoming Anniversary Update.

First up, there’s Tall Tales – Shores of Gold, which adds a series of new, interconnected adventures as you quest for a mythical island. Also, skeletons, lots of skeletons. Skeleton Lords, if you want to be specific, which you will only encounter as you work your way through Shores of Gold.

There’s also The Arena, a new competitive game mode where you battle three other crews in a race to find all the buried treasure without getting sunk. On a related note, ships can now take specific damage to the masts, wheel, and capstan. Did I mention there are harpoons now? There are harpoons now. Then there’s The Hunter’s Call, a new Trading Company that lets you cook and fish for fun and profit.

Do well in any of these new activities and you’ll unlock a whole bunch of new cosmetics for you, your ship, your guns; everything.

The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update will be available from 30 April for PC and Xbox One.

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