Disney cancelled the production of Mouse Guard adaptation after Fox merger

Disney has killed the Mouse Guard movie and I’m NOT OKAY

Disney buying Fox was never going to be the completely rosy, we-get-to-call-them-all-mutants-now, experience we all hoped it would be, because monopolies are only a good thing when your brother lands on your hotel-riddled Eloff Street.

The purge has begun, and Mouse Guard was one of the first to fall, just two weeks before it was set to start production. The comic book adaptation, about medieval mouse knights fighting the forces of evil, was going to be a largely CG film, employing motion capture for a more realistic feel.

Rumours as to why it was culled include its similarity to the CG versions of The Lion King and The Jungle Book (in that it contains animals that are CG and you know how easily confused the kids are), its big budget, and the risk of spending money on something with niche appeal. It doesn’t bode well for the future of new and interesting stories making it to the big screen.

On the bright side, several other studios are already interested in picking it up. Although, I wonder if any of them will be able to manage the proposed $170 million budget it requires. I’m holding thumbs for Netflix.

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