Bloodborne board game

The Bloodborne board game is, unexpectedly, not just a box with a hammer in it that you use to bash each other until everybody quits

Which kind of feels like it misses the point, so that’s disappointing, but I guess it could also present some marketing difficulties. Instead, CMON’s adaptation of FromSoftware’s gloomy gothic horror-’em-up features plastic miniatures and cards and other more conventional board game things to more safely simulate Yharnum’s masochistic miseries. And besides, you can bring your own hammer.

Launched on Kickstarter this week, Bloodborne: The Board Game banked its $200,000 goal in less than 20 minutes, with those funds now over $1.6 million at publish time. The game features co-op for up to four players, who must “fight their way through beasts, monsters and frenzied townsfolk to survive the night and uncover the source of the madness that consumes it”, and looks like a mashup of Betrayal at House on the Hill and Arkham Horror.

No launch date confirmed for now, but its estimated delivery is May 2020.

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