Westerosworld imagines Westeros as another Delos theme park like Westworld

This title sequence proves Westeros is just another Delos Inc. amusement park

Game of Thrones and Westworld have two of the most iconic title sequences on television, so obviously a Belgian designer decided to mash them together, confirming that the Night King actually just gained sentience, and is trying to free his much-maligned robo-brethren, while Bran is actually Anthony Hopkins.

The mashup title sequence takes the 3D printing factory aesthetic of the Westworld intro and applies it to recognisable iconography from Game of Thrones, such as dragons, the Night King, and the Iron Throne. They’ve even given the Westworld theme song a hint of GoT goodness.

According to the Westerosworld website, it took Gilles Augustijnen around eight months to put together in his free time, with help from his friends. Rather impressive. It’s also as close to that Westworld GoT crossover series as we’re ever going to get.

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