Gearbox is hosting an interactive Borderlands 3 livestream on Twitch (with loot drops, you guys!)

Okay, so this is… different. Using some kind of hi-tech wizardry, tomorrow’s Borderlands 3 gameplay debut livestream features a new, interactive ECHOcast Twitch extension to get viewers for reals involved. Besides spamming emotes, I mean.

By linking your Twitch account to a Borderlands SHiFT account, you can get totally interactive for some exclusive in-game swag to redeem when the game launches on 13 September – maybe even a gun with legs.

“The extension will empower you to look through your favorite streamer’s loadout, explore the contents of their backpack, and even poke around their skill tree,” the studio explains in the press stuff. Sexy.

“There are also special loot chests throughout the game that kickoff opt-in events every time a streamer finds and opens one. If viewers opt in to one of these ‘Rare Chest Events,’ they could potentially score a copy of one item from the Rare Chest the streamer opens. This could be a gun, a shield, a grenade mod—whatever the case, one lucky viewer receives a SHiFT code that can be redeemed for the specific item they select from among the items in the chest.”

For more info about the ECHOcast, including instructions to link your Twitch and SHiFT accounts, visit the Borderlands 3 website. Tune in to the Borderlands 3 gameplay debut on Wednesday 1 May at 19:00 local time, on the game’s Twitch channel.

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