Minecraft creator's opinions mean he's not invited to anniversary celebrations

Problematic Minecraft creator not invited to anniversary party

In an effort to distance themselves from comments made by Minecraft creator, Markus “Notch” Persson, Microsoft has decided to leave him out of the game’s 10th anniversary celebrations. I have to imagine they have also unfriended him on Facebook.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, after a super subtle March update scrubbed several references to Persson’s name from Minecraft’s splash text.  At the time, Microsoft didn’t comment on the sick burn; preferring the silent treatment. However, according to Variety, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed, this week, that Persson was not invited to the anniversary event because of comments and opinions he had expressed online. Those same comments were obviously what made them remove his name as well.

What comments, you say? Some rather problematic ones around his opinion on gender issues, sexuality, and racism, it seems. Otherwise, the rest of his Twitter feed is mostly rambling interspersed with flickers of politics. Basically, the kind of thing Microsoft really doesn’t want to be associated with.

Persson hasn’t actually been involved with Minecraft since he sold the rights to Microsoft in 2014, for $2.5bn. Shame.


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