Redefine the endgame with these Avengers sex toys, I mean adult collectibles

I mean, what’s the power of an Infinity Gauntlet without an Infinity Fist, anyway? Yes, there’s an Infinity Fist. It’s exactly what you think it is, and one of us is definitely gonna be finished when it’s over. So that’s realistic, I guess.

Geeky Sex Toys’ Indulgers: Pleasure War (get it, lol?) lineup includes the Arse Reactor and Captain Anal buttplugs, HawkAss Arrow Dildo, and The Incredible Dong, which is also exactly what you think it is, except even worse. Hulk smash? Maybe not.

But if Avengers isn’t your vibe, what about a Game of Moans Dragon Egg Gag? Or this Orgasms of the Galaxy Mini Root? Or a Bitcoin Dildo, perhaps, because if you’re getting fucked by market fluctuations, you might as well enjoy it.

Via The Daily Dot and a lot things I can’t ever unsee.

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