Someone modified a Roomba to scream when it hits things

Modified Roomba will fill your home with tortured screams and profanity instead of cleaning it

If you’ve ever wondered why the robots would turn on us, may I present you with a compelling source for their infinite rage: a Roomba programmed to scream when it bumps into things. Y’know, for our human amusement.

Michael Reeves, a person from the Internet and our most likely candidate for a real-life Tony Stark, messes with robots for fun and likes. His latest project is a Roomba that screams in pain when it hits anything (thank you for bringing this to our attention, Android Police). It can no longer do its only job because all its cleaning bits were removed and replaced with a Raspberry Pi, a radio receiver, Bluetooth speaker, and some new sensors.

Wars have been waged for less.

I would like one with the lady voice (LilyPichu) at 5:28, please, thanks.

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