Someone created a haunted house homage to horror classics in LEGO

Spooky LEGO doll’s house crams multiple horror classics under one roof

Someone has created an homage to horror film classics in LEGO by building the ultimate haunted house, so maybe you do have time to do that thing you’ve been putting off for the last five years. Yes, it’s been that long and, honestly, we’re all kinda disappointed in you.

The LEGO doll’s house was created by an individual known, on the Internet, as kreimkouk (thanks Bloody Disgusting) and contains several scenes from, and references to, well-known horror films across two storeys and an attic. How many can you find? My favourite is the Gremlins kitchen scene because of the body sticking out of the blender, but I’m easily amused.

The video is a little slow and dramatic (they’re understandably proud of their creation) so skip to 1:30 to actually see inside the house.

What will they do with their masterful creation after sharing it with the world? Break it down so they can build another one, obviously. This is LEGO, after all.


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