Cathartic objects research allows people to abuse robots to relieve suppressed anger

Fine but actually THIS is what’s going to spark the robot apocalypse

Okay, I write a lot about the potential for a robot apocalypse, but the signs are all there, people. We should probably stop provoking them. Robots that you stab to relieve stress? COME ON!

I have questions.

First off, why does it have to shake like it’s actually dying until you remove the fondue forks? Secondly, why does it have to look like a Puli, the very well-known, not at all weirdly obscure, breed of Hungarian herding dog?

Cathartic object robot looks like a Puli dog you can stab.

Then there’s the swearing at a little robot rock, which offers a hopeful glow in an attempt to soothe your vitriolic mammalian angst. That kind of emotional abuse will probably just lead to depression rather than a full-blown uprising, though, so maybe it’s okay.

These “cathartic objects” are part of research being done at the Carnegie Mellon University. Basically, suppressing anger is potentially bad so they’re developing methods to express that anger without harming other people. Not shown in the video: an object with an irritating laugh that can only be silenced by repeatedly beating it against a solid surface. Sjoe…

I mean, I guess it’s nice that you won’t have to stab actual people anymore in order to work through your repressed anger, but AT WHAT COST?

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