Piggybacking to become a bannable offence in Apex Legends

An upcoming update for Apex Legends will include temporary bans for piggybacking players, so maybe actually play the game you’re playing, you filthy moocher.

Piggybacking is used to describe players that do pretty much nothing and still get experience for “participating”. This can be an issue in Apex Legends because there’s no option for solo play and, if you don’t want to use actual money, the rewards system is based on levelling up. The whole squad gets XP if they win, so a moocher will still get something if the other two players are good enough to win without their help.

After reviewing complaints, Respawn found enough instances of this behaviour that, in future, piggybackers will be given temporary bans that may evolve into permanent bans, if the mooching is deemed to be “extreme”. Problematic behaviour includes never collecting a weapon, firing a shot, or dealing any damage, so true noobs shouldn’t find themselves accidentally banned just for being the worst.

As Engadget pointed out, people are rubbish so they’ll probably just figure out what the bare minimum is they can do to avoid the ban hammer. Don’t be that guy, just mend your mooching ways already.


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