Gather your posse because Red Dead Online is coming out of beta

Red Dead Online should be out of beta by the end of June so put on your finest opossum hat, and chug that gin, because this town ain’t big enough for the both of us.

It’s a little of an understatement to say that Read Dead Redemption 2 has done well, having sold over 24 million copies so far. Sales have obviously slowed over time so I imagine Rockstar is hoping the release of Red Dead Online out of beta will spark new interest.

According to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, Red Dead Online is performing better than GTA Online did over similar periods of time. This all means you’re probably not going to see any DLC for the single player mode anytime soon; they’re too busy adding all sorts of content and features to Online. It makes sense, they’ll make more money from microtransactions. Just one more big score and then Tahiti.

Personally, I haven’t gotten anywhere in Red Dead Online because I got to the first multiplayer mission and there was nobody to play with, so I went back to searching for dream catchers and sketching snakes in the Story mode. Shut up, I have friends.

Via Gamespot.

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