Monster Hunter World has a free trial running on PS4 this week so if you like Japanese games more than Tarryn does then here’s your chance to give it a bash

Capcom is letting PS4 gamers take the highly regarded Monster Hunter World for a spin this week, for zero money. It’s not the full game, only the two first worlds – Wildspire Waste and the Ancient Forest – but that’s surely enough to get a feel for the thing. You can klap it on your own, or with friends who might already own the full game, and then it’s up to you to decide whether it’s enough to justify you shelling out some cash for the full game.

“Oh, wow, this is so nice of Capcom! Giving us some of their game for free with no ulterior motive!” you might exclaim, but let be honest, this is naught more than a little teaser to get people worked up while the marketing machine starts rumbling for the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion, which will be arriving in September this year on console.

Obviously what we say on NAG as individuals shouldn’t be taken as a sweeping statement for NAG as a whole, but the consensus here is that Monster Hunter World is delightful. That’s the official stance, at least. Tarryn, on the other hand, can’t stand it. And neither can I. But if you’re somehow still on the fence regarding Capcom’s best selling game ever, now’s your chance to dip in and make a decision one way or another.

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