LEGO Stranger Things house

Take a nostalgia deep dive with this Stranger Things LEGO set

We brought you news of the Stranger Things D&D kit, now feast your eyes on this ridiculously detailed Stranger Things LEGO play set, that your children will never be allowed to touch because it costs $200.

Based on the regular and Upside Down versions of the Byers’ house from season two, the 2,287-piece set includes functional Christmas lights, a Demogorgon minifigure (with two head options), a tiny Eggo waffle for Eleven to cart around, and many other references to the series and its 80stalgia setting. This includes eight of the main characters and Chief Hopper’s police cruiser so, really, it’s a bargain.

The LEGO Stranger Things set has functional lights

LEGO Stranger Things Eleven from season 2 minifigure

The third season of Stranger Things is coming to Netflix on 4 July. I wonder if we’ll get a LEGO Starcourt Mall?

Via Engadget.

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