Fortnite Season 9

Pro Fortnite player is now an actual job (sort of)

A company by the name of in the US has recently put up a job listing for a Fortnite gamer to join their ranks between the months of June and July. The offer includes a new modem, a one-year free speedy internet connection, and $1000 cash. Fortnite players will have to go through what might be the hardest Battle Royale of their lives so far – the application process.

Now obviously all of this would sound like a dream come true to any pro Fortnite player out there, or just about any gamer really. Being paid to play Fortnite as a job? Hell yes! But of course, there’s a catch to all this, because there’s always a catch. In exchange for all this loot, the chosen player must offer up their eternal soul. Okay, maybe not.

In all seriousness, the lucky player will be expected to play Fortnite for a total of 50 hours, while also providing a final report on how the company’s faster connection helped improve their overall gaming experience. The 50 hours won’t be done all at once; these will be accumulated during the timeframe of their work and streamed through Twitch. The Chosen One will have to complete all of this between 7 June and 31 July. Simple enough, right? In addition to this, they must be over 18 and authorised to work in the US – bummer for most of us, then.

However, not all hope is lost. To any readers who are in the US, we bid thee good luck. Go out there, secure the bag and land that sweet, sweet Employment Royale. Also, please don’t forget to thank the bus driver.

Via Gamerant.

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