Skull & Bones launch date sails into uncharted waters

Ubisoft has announced that Skull & Bones won’t be making its expected 2019 release window after all, citing all the usual reasons (yet amazingly somehow avoiding using the word polish), and revealing that the intriguing pirate adventure will now be setting sail sometime next year instead.

The news, which came via the game’s official twitter feed, was accompanied by a video of senior producer Karl Luhe, who also confirmed that we won’t be seeing Skull & Bones at E3 this year. That’s not particularly promising news, is it? Makes one wonder just sort of state this game is actually in right now, troubling since it already looked quite far down the line when it was shown off initially. Or am I being a terribly unpiratey cynic?

Either way, Skull & Bones will be out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, at some point in the future, when it’s done, possibly. It’s got more than a bit of a Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag feeling about it, so at least there’s that.

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