Someone set up a petition to redo the final season of Game of Thrones and this isn’t what is for

The final season of Game of Thrones isn’t going the way some people wanted it to, so they’re petitioning HBO to redo the whole thing. I don’t usually approve of the “but there are more important things going on” argument, but THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS GOING ON IN THE WORLD, PEOPLE.

This is mostly because of what happened in the second-last episode. The creator of the petition feels that the writers haven’t done the series justice and, so far, 225,843 people agree. Whatever you felt about what went down, a petition to get HBO to remake a season that cost them millions, because it didn’t meet your expectations, is pretty ridiculous. That’s why someone else set up a petition against these sorts of petitions. I just want to stop writing the word petition.

It’s time to take a stand against those taking a stand against witnessing narratives unfold in ways we didn’t expect and pledge to never sign a petition demanding those fat cats in Hollywood adhere to our stupid, stupid ideas.

They’re not wrong. It has a whole 719 signatures. I guess you can always wait for the last two books…

Movies and television disappoint us all the time (*cough* Dexter *cough*), but you’ll make it through, I promise. This, too, shall pass, and then there will be something new and shiny to be outraged about.



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