Steam Link mobile app also available on iOS

Steam Link is now available on iOS so can’t we all just be friends?

Apple is learning to play well with others now that the Steam Link mobile app is available on iOS. If you’re an Apple user, you now have way more options for what to play while you poop. Congrats!

Steam Link lets you stream Steam games to your phone, tablet, or TV, and, up until yesterday, was only available to non-Apple devices due to “business conflicts”. It only took Apple a year, and potentially a monopoly lawsuit, to allow Steam Link into the App Store, but at least it’s happened.

If you’re running iOS 10 or higher, you can now stream your Steam library, over a 5Ghz network, to you iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. In case you were worried, Steam Link also supports the MFi controller, amongst a range of others. You’ll have to stay on the same local network as the one your computer is connected to, though, as the feature that lets you roam is still in beta and isn’t available for iOS yet.

Via Kotaku.

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