Thomas the Tank Engine mod

You can turn Thomas the Tank Engine into a firebreathing dragon, and someone isn’t happy about it

The concept of modding games has existed since the dawn of time. Mods are mainly created for fun, out of sheer boredom, or to “enhance” gameplay, if you catch my drift. Over the years, we’ve seen the modding community create some pretty weird additions to video games. For example, Shrek was recently added as a miniboss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – as if the game wasn’t soul-wrenchingly difficult enough as is. If you haven’t seen this yet, you should check it out, it’s funny as hell.

But recently, a modder by the name of Kevin Brock has gotten into some serious legal trouble for creating a mod so heinous, so severe that he just might be taken to court. He’s the creator of the original Thomas the Tank Engine mod for Skyrim, and the forefather of all the other mods that would soon follow. And so, with this, the Thomas the Tank Engine mod saga continues.

Obviously, Skyrim isn’t new to mods, but this might be one of the strangest. The mod replaces all of the dragons in Skyrim with the most feared and nightmarish creature of them all – Thomas the Tank Engine. Admittedly, nothing is more glorious and hilarious than watching Thomas descend from the sky and light the guards of Whiterun on fire. But this time, it seems like Kevin might have bitten off more than he could choo.

Mattel, the company that owns the intellectual rights to Thomas, is currently threatening to take legal action against the Skyrim modder. According to the company, the mod ruins Thomas’s reputation and image with the way that it depicts him “blowing up” in the game – which most likely happens after the Dragonborn defeats him and absorbs his soul. The repercussions of Tom’s actions haven’t yet been made clear, but it goes without saying that Mattel is outraged.

Thomas the Tank Engine mods aren’t new though – you’ll find him in games like Resident Evil, Fallout 4, and even Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. For some reason, gamers love adding the disturbingly adorable train to their games, just as much as they love adding Shrek. It just makes the overall gaming experience so nostalgic and so much better. If you’d like, check out the Sekiro mod that replaces the Great Serpent with our beloved Tank Engine; you know, for entertainment purposes.

Via Gamerant.

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