Rick and Morty are back, time to get rickety rickety rekt

Our favourite dysfunctional duo is coming back, and we finally know when (almost).

Adult Swim confirmed earlier this week with a teaser trailer that season four of “Rick and Morty” will return in November this year, albeit without an exact date. The trailer might be extremely frustrating for some fans as it doesn’t reveal much, other than the partial release date.

With 70 more episodes in production, according to an announcement from Adult Swim last May, “Rick and Morty” is gearing itself up for more years of interdimensional shenanigans, madness, and getting “schwifty”.

The last time we got to see the mad scientist and his wimpy grandson was when the final episode of season three aired on 7 October 2017. Hopefully, this season will answer a lot of the questions that have had fans going crazy over the past two years. For instance, who is Evil Morty? Will Rick ever get more of that delicious Szechuan sauce? And what the hell is a plumbus? We’ll have to wait for November 2019 to find out more.

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