RAD is a new post-post-apocalyptic game from Double Fine

Double Fine’s latest announcement trailer is RAD

Developed by Double Fine Productions, the lovely people behind Psychonauts, RAD is a post-post-apocalyptic, 3D, rogue-like action game with an 80s aesthetic that speaks to my aged soul.

You take the role of a teenager with a righteous bat and a bitchin’ swing, trying to save a world that has died twice already. Every step you take heals the earth at your feet, but you will also mutate in strange and powerful ways as you become more exposed to the radioactive wasteland that is the Fallow.

Your characters face permadeath on every run, so you’ll probably go through quite a few, but eventually one will survive the hordes of mutant abominations in the procedurally generated world and become RAD.

Honestly, it just looks like a good time.

RAD is coming soon for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC, with a limited Closed Beta on Steam from 8 April.


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