Beat Saber is out of Early Access

Beat Saber busts out of Steam’s Early Access

Beat Saber, the rhythm-based music massacre game, has been released from Early Access on Steam with the much anticipated Level Editor included. This means that all versions of Beat Saber (PS VR, Oculus, and Steam) will be the same going forward.

The full game was released for PS VR months ago, but now the other versions have caught up. Beat Games finally believes the game is stable and contains all the features they promised, especially now that they’ve added the Level Editor.

The Level Editor lets anyone create levels for their own audio tracks using a simple, 2D interface. Beat Saber (the song from the OST Vol. 1) is even included for free, by default, for people to practice on. So now’s your chance to rage out to that song from the opening sequence of Blade (Confusion by New Order, in case anyone who missed the 90s was wondering), minus the potential for catching hepatitis. You know you want to. I mean, if you weren’t already doing so with mods.

According to Beat Games, future 2019 updates for Beat Saber will include new Music Packs, with songs from “big name artists”, free tracks, and a bunch of features and improvements.


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