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Microsoft might be phasing out the desktop Xbox app

If you have Windows 10, you’ve probably come across the Xbox app that acts as a handy bridge between your Xbox console and your PC. Well, it seems like it might not be around for much longer, judging by recent notifications.

If you’ve opened up the Windows 10 Xbox app recently, you will have gotten a message from Microsoft, warning about group messaging functionality being removed on 23 May. This only applies to the desktop version, as the iOS and Android apps are getting an upgraded “messages experience” that includes GIF support and a secondary inbox for your not-actually-friends friends. The Xbox app also hasn’t been getting many updates in general, which is never a good sign.

Microsoft isn’t abandoning desktop users, though, it just seems like they want to nudge people to use the Windows 10 Game Bar, which I have to assume will be re-branded as the Xbox Game Bar since isn’t everything Xbox now?

The Windows 10 Game Bar (accessed while in-game by pressing Windows Key + G), is reportedly much faster at social functionality such as finding friends, forming parties, and chat. Also, it will probably get the fancy new group chat updates and it lets you make memes directly from your screen shots, without leaving your game.

The future is here.

Via Windows Central.

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