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League of Legends mobile in the works to fuel Riot’s revenue

According to a Reuters report, Riot Games is working with Tencent to develop a mobile version of League of Legends.

This comes after Riot initially rejected the idea, a few years ago, prompting Tencent’s passive aggressive move to develop a mobile LoL clone called Honor of Kings/Arena of Valor, depending where you live. Honor of Kings did really well in China, becoming the highest grossing mobile game for 2018. Arena of Valor, not so much, potentially because mobile gaming isn’t as popular in the West.

League of Legends is the most popular PC game in the world at the moment, but its revenue is reportedly dropping, so rocket grabbing a piece of the mobile market with an official LoL game seems like a pretty good business decision. It’s not like Riot really had much of a choice, though, since Tencent owns them.

According to Kotaku, mobile LoL will not be an exact copy of the PC version, with gameplay needing to be adjusted for the different platform. There will also be fewer characters and different runes and items. So maybe more like League Lite? I bet Teemo makes the cut.

Via Kotaku.


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