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Sorry, guys, you’ll actually have to watch that movie you’re review-bombing on Rotten Tomatoes now

Rotten Tomatoes has announced that they’re implementing a verification system to promote audience reviews by people that can prove they’ve, shock horror, actually seen the movie. This means you are more likely to see reviews and ratings by people who saw the movie before reviewing it.

It’s not a perfect system, currently they can only use tickets purchased through Fandango to verify reviews, but other US-based ticket companies are set to join later in the year. Basically, you write a review, they check your account history, and you get a “Verified” tick next to your review.

So now you will be able to filter the reviews and review score, for new movies, by Verified and All Audience. The Verified view displays by default. You can still review and rate movies without seeing them, the verified ones are just promoted.

This is Rotten Tomatoes’ latest attempt at preventing review-bombing; when groups of people flood a movie with bad reviews, without actually watching it, usually as some sort of rebellion against the SJW, feminazi incluspiracy. Most recently, Captain Marvel was attacked this way by people claiming it was “feminist propaganda” etc.

For people that complain about the SJW tendency to get offended by everything, they sure do offend easily. All it usually takes is a uterus.

Anyway, now you won’t have to wade through quite as much nonsense before finding a helpful review.

Via Gizmodo.

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