CLICKBAIT: Wireless LEDs, Huawei ban explained, and the meme that sued its creator

Clickbait is your weekly wrap up of interesting and must-watch videos you’ve missed this week. This list is produced as a result of procrastination, caffeine, and late-night YouTube link surfing. Some videos will amaze you and some will tickle your funny bone. Also, don’t forget to check out the secret link at the end of the article.

I found wireless LEDs – no batteries needed!

The Strange Parts YouTube channel is subscription worthy if you are all about tinkering with electronics and like to discover what those electronic back alleys in the East look like. In this episode Scotty Allen finds and dissects wireless LEDs, the type that hobbyists use to light up models and action figures.

Technoviking: The Meme That Sued Its Creator

The Technoviking video is one of the original meme’s that’s been doing the rounds for around two decades. I bet you did not know it has a pretty interesting story that happened after that video went viral. It’s a story of rabble-rousers and lawsuits.

Star Wars Visual Effects, from AT-ATs to Tauntauns

Before high-end CGI, special effects in movies were shot with incredibly detailed models. In this vintage behind scenes video Mark Hamill narrates behind-the-scenes footage from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes.

The Huawei Ban: Explained!

The tech world is abuzz with the news that the US has signed an executive order to blacklist any US company from doing business with Chinese based Huawei. This is a pretty big deal with huge ramifications for pretty much the entire industry. In this video, Marques Brownlee goes into detail and explains the situation in more detail.

DrDisrespect’s initial thoughts on TFUE SUING FAZE

Turner “Tfue” Tenney is on one of the world’s top Fortnite players and on Monday he sued lifestyle brand FaZe Clan for an unfair and illegal contract which he signed in 2018. In this video DrDisrespect gives some thoughts on this matter. But let this be a lesson for everyone out there, read your contracts and don’t just sign anything.

Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language

Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the various ways we communicate non-verbally. What does it mean when we fold our arms? Why do we interlace our fingers? Can a poker player actually hide their body language?

Arcade Fire presents Sprawl II

Arguably, one Arcade Fire’s best songs and the video is pretty odd and eerie too. Now where did I put my face? I think I need to find myself.
















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