Persistence of chaos

Auction for the world’s most virus and malware infected laptop (besides your grandma’s) comes to a close

The auction for what might be one of the world’s most dangerous laptops has finally closed with a bid of $1.34 million. As for why anyone sane would buy this, perhaps some people like to live life on the edge and watch the world burn.

Security company DeepInstinct commissioned artist and possible mad scientist Guo o Dong to create the virus-filled Samsung NC10 laptop, which he named “The Persistence Of Chaos”. According to him, it’s a physical manifestation of how malware can create actual consequences. Naturally, the laptop was created for the sake of art and nothing else – at least we hope so.

Remember the WannaCry virus, the one that caused nearly $4 billion in damages after infecting 200,000 laptops in 150 countries across the globe? Yeah, the laptop has that, and that’s only the tip of the virus-filled iceberg – it also contains the ILOVEYOU virus (which isn’t as sweet as it sounds), BlackEnergy, DarkTequila, MyDoom, and SoBig viruses, which have done an estimated $95 billion in damages altogether.

Fortunately, though they’ve caused a lot of damage in the past, the malware is outdated. Unfortunately, unethical hackers across the globe create new malware almost daily. As long as the owner doesn’t connect to their WiFi or stick a flash drive in this modern-day incarnation of Pandora’s Box, then they should be safe.

Via Engadget

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