Footage from the Witcher series was leaked showing Nilfgaardian armour design

Let’s all calm down about the Witcher’s Nilfgaardian armour leak

Some raw footage of extras messing around on the Witcher series set has been leaked, showing them wearing what appears to be Nilfgaardian armour, and people have feelings about it – INTERNET FEELINGS.

I would liken them to being draped in the skin of a particularly wrinkled sphinx cat, but others have noted a certain scrotal quality. So that’s unfortunate. The Nilfgaardian Empire is the most powerful in the world of the Witcher, and a primary antagonist, so we’ll probably be seeing a lot of their army’s armour.

Many people have pointed out how different the armour looks in the games, but the Netflix series isn’t even based on the games, Jan, so that’s a poor comparison; educate yourself. However, it doesn’t really look like any armour I’ve come across… ever? I’m not sure what purpose the texture would have, other than maybe making them difficult to discern in dim light. Maybe we’re never actually going to see them up close in the series.

Raw footage isn’t the best way to judge a show; a lot of our favourite scenes look pretty ridiculous without the lighting and effects applied. Maybe we can save the sweeping condemnation of the series for when we’ve actually seen it?

The Witcher Netflix series is set for release towards the end of the year.

Via PCGamer.

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