Death Stranding release date set for 8 November 2019 for PS4

Death Stranding’s release date announcement trailer really gets the people going

The long-awaited, much teased, release announcement trailer for Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding has arrived. It’s got face licking, a time-travel baby, AMURICA; what more could you even want? Zombies? It’s got those too.

You play as Sam, some sort of space time engineer, on a quest to reconnect a fractured society and make America great again. It seems the goal is also to forge actual connections with other players as well, but it is unclear exactly what that means, as yet. Whatever’s going on, it looks stylish as balls.

Basically, the world is broken and isolationism isn’t going to solve anything, but it’s okay because we have Kojima here to guide us. Also, the future is filthy.

Death Stranding will be out 8 November for the PS4.


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