Latest Red Dead Online update adds new Showdown Mode, Free Roam Event, free things, and more

Latest Red Dead Online update makes me wish I had friends to play with

Gosh that’d be nice. The latest update for Red Dead Online lets you kill more animals for fun and profit, mow down your opponents as they flee for shelter, and express how offended you are by everything – Living. The. Dream.

A new Free Roam Event has been added, called the Wild Animals Kill Challenge. The concept is pretty much encapsulated by the title; accept the invite to compete against other hunters to take down as many impressive beasts as you can. Take on more dangerous prey, such as wolves, bears, and goddamn cougars, for bonus points. Other participants can’t hurt you, so you can run rampant on the local wildlife without fear of a hunting “accident”.

There’s also Head for the Hills, a new Showdown Mode where players take turns either making a hail Mary break for their safe house or hunting down those that are making said run. Sounds like a good one for people with friends.

If you’re not into any of that, how about some free stuff, just for showing up? There’s a care package available for everyone this week, containing a collection of Potent Miracle Tonics, Potent Snake Oils, Potent Health Cures, Potent Bitters, and 120 Express Revolver bullets.

New players will also get an extra $50 for completing the first mission, Honor Among Horse Thieves, so it would be nice if certain friends wanted to help a friend out with that. You’ll also get an extra $75 for completing Kill Them, Each and Every One, and 10 gold bars for completing Destroyed by Grief. You’ll also get 10 gold bars if you enable two-step verification on your Social Club account.

If you’re still unimpressed, how about the new How Dare You emote? Now you can let everyone know how very offended you are by their existence.

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