Ion Maiden being sued for copyright infringement by Iron Maiden

Ion Maiden game may have wasted years on development if Iron Maiden lawsuit succeeds

Iron Maiden’s holding company has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against a game called Ion Maiden, citing similarities that could confuse consumers into believing it was affiliated with the band.

Ion Maiden is an old school fps that resembles Duke Nukem 3D and other shooters from the 90s era. Iron Maiden is an old school heavy metal band that resembles a bunch of aged, yet surprisingly feisty, English guys continuing to rock out to sold-out performances.

Iron Maiden Holdings suggests that the game’s logo is confusing to fans and people have been genuinely misled into thinking the game had something to do with Iron Maiden. They even provided real-life, there’s-no-way-we-could-have-fabricated-these, examples of said confusion, such as comments about “clicking on an Ion Maiden online thread thinking that the thread was related to Iron Maiden” and “reading an article about the Ion Maiden video game waiting for an explained connection to Iron Maiden”. Bless.

Iron Maiden Holdings suing creators of Ion Maiden for copyright infringement
Much confusion. So similar.

I can understand clicking on a link, since it’s only missing an R, but once you actually look at the game it becomes pretty obvious it has nothing to do with Iron Maiden. Those poor people and their wasted minutes. I’m sure 3D Realms is rolling in fat stacks of assumed association monies.

Iron Maiden Holdings is looking for $2 million in damages and for the Ion Maiden website to be taken down or handed over.

Via Kotaku.

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