KFC Indonesia understands you’re not there for the chicken

Many of us believe that KFC is a delicious beast, but you’d be lying if you said you buy it for the quality of the chicken. The Indonesian branch of the franchise gets you; they put bags of crispy battered skin on the menu.

Yup, just skin, no unnecessary protein getting in the way of your fix. Sure, the snack is just an unapologetic mix of fat and salt, with minimal nutritional value, but that’s what makes it fun. Life should be fun. Mostly because yours will be considerably shortened if you eat this on a regular basis.

The chicken skins are currently only available at six branches in Indonesia. If that’s all the incentive you needed to book a holiday, more power to you.

I would like to suggest other worthy contenders for this treatment, such as muffin tops, the icing part of Zoo Biscuits, and the base of Mugg & Bean’s lemon meringue pie.

Via Kotaku.

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