The Avengers Project

Square Enix’s Avengers will reassemble at E3 2019

Square Enix will finally showcase their upcoming Avengers game at E3 on 10 June. Cue the epic Avengers theme music, you know it’s in your playlist.

Marvel’s Avengers, formerly named The Avengers Project, was built in partnership with Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider) and Eidos Montreal (Deux Ex). Both studios are still confirmed as being the leads for the development of this new series of Avengers games.

It’s been over 2 years since Square Enix and Marvel initially revealed their plans for the game in January 2017, so this is pretty exciting news. Ever since the previous announcement, things have been relatively quiet – all we got was a teaser trailer that (unsurprisingly) didn’t say much, which might have upset some fans. Will the game stay closer to the comic book storylines, will it somehow have a tie-in with the MCU, or will it change everything altogether? No one really knows for sure, but what we can obviously expect is a roster of all of our classic characters from the Marvel franchise.

With the feels of Endgame still burning in the hearts of fans worldwide, this game could be the key to solving our superhero needs. If you haven’t watched Avengers Endgame yet, seriously, what have you been up to?

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