GE microwave can communicate with Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa

The future means never being confused by the microwave timer ever again

I know the future was meant to be filled with flying cars and hover boards, but Google can talk to your microwave now, so that’s… something.

GE Appliances already had a microwave that could communicate with Amazon’s Alexa, but now it can also talk to Google Assistant, because even microwaves need friends. This means you can start, stop, set the timer, and ask it how long it has to go without touching or looking at the microwave. Although, you probably had to place whatever you’re nuking into it, and close the door, all by yourself, so I guess contamination only applies to buttons and who even wants to look at a digital time display – ugh.

The microwave can also scan the barcode on your food packaging and automatically select the correct cooking time, assuming it knows what the food is. At the very least, you’ll be saved the embarrassment of standing in the office kitchen, trying to figure out how to set the time, giving up, and just booping the +1 Minute button multiple times. That’s not nothing.

Be prepared to accidentally nuke the cake you put in there to keep it away from the ants.

Via SlashGear.

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