Pokemon Wedding

Pokémon weddings are now official, so divorce shouldn’t be a thing anymore

In Japan, wedding company ESCRIT has partnered with the Pokémon Company to provide wannabe Pokémon Trainers with the wedding of their dreams. Have you ever wanted to have a Pikachu as your best man or as a bridesmaid? Then you should totally get married in Japan.

As quirky as all of this may seem, this is a legitimate and respectable business. Every single detail, from the food to the decorations, is related to Pokémon one way or the other – even the wedding certificate is Pokémon themed, and it’s quite frankly a kawaii work of art. As for the cake, don’t even get me started on the cake, it’s to die for. Pretty sure there’s a Pikachu priest involved in all of this too. Just so you know, your teeth might go yellow from all the Pikachu-themed deserts, though.

Do I condone this? I do. Happy couples can now face one of the most beautifully challenging Pokémon battles in their life together – marriage. Sadly, no Gym Badges are provided, that’s what the certificate is for anyway. Check out the wedding pics here, and try not to get too emotional.

Via Kotaku.

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