Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle

Jumanji: The Video Game welcomes you to the jungle this holiday season

Bandai Namco has announced that Jumanji: The Videogame (based on the 2017 movie reboot) will be out on 15 November 2019 for consoles and PC. Sadly, you won’t be able to become The Rock in real life. On the plus side, you can enjoy the video game from the safety of your couch rather than from the depths of an enemy-infested jungle.

Bandai built the game in partnership with Outright Games, Funsolve, and of course Sony Pictures. Jumanji: The Video Game will run on Unreal Engine 4, and similar to the movie’s premise, the player will be able to take on the persona of one of four characters – Ruby Roundhouse, Franklin “Mouse” Finbar, Dr Smolder Bravestone, or Professor Shelly Oberon. The player’s main objective will be to obtain the crystals found deep within Jumanji’s untamed wilderness, avoiding traps and fighting enemies along the way.

The game can be played alone, with up to three other friends online or locally. In addition to this, Jumanji promises to present the player with entirely new locations, customisation options, and a barrel of laughs (that hopefully doesn’t have a snake in it).

I’m not so sure that this is a game that anyone asked for, but hey we might as well roll with it. The game’s release is set less than a month before the movie’s sequel, which is premiering on 13 December, so the timing is just right.

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