New PS4 party features coming soon

Sony has revealed plans to beta test some new party settings for the PlayStation 4 through its Preview Program, including increase of party sizes from a maximum of eight to 16 – now all you need to do is have that many friends online to try it out. Other features  include improved audio quality, enhanced network speeds, and speech transcription. Unfortunately, the speech transcription feature will be exclusively available to gamers in the US for now – this feature converts voice to text and vice versa, making it easier to chat in the party should you not have a keyboard or mic.

Sign-ups to test the upcoming features haven’t opened up yet, but according to the blog post, this should be available soon, so look out for that. Lucky PS4 owners will be issued a code with which they can access the beta test.

It’s great that Sony is stepping up and implementing these new features, but they’re almost four years too late to the party (get it?) – in 2015, Xbox increased their party size from eight to 12. But, if anything, this just means that PS4 fans have some cool new things to look forward to in the future.

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