Battlefield V Wilhelm Franke Skin

EA apologises for naming Nazi-esque skin after anti-Nazi resistance hero in Battlefield V

EA accidentally named one of their elite German, not-a-Nazi-but-actually-totally-a-Nazi, soldier skins in Battlefield V after a famous anti-Nazi resistance fighter. So that’s awkward.

The real-life Wilhelm Franke was a teacher, city councillor, and anti-fascist in Dresden during World War II. He was arrested by the Gestapo for assisting the resistance and he and his family were killed when Dresden was bombed by the Allies in 1945.

The Battlefield V Wilhelm Franke is a player skin that pretty much screams Nazi, if you’ve been paying attention to popular culture for the past few decades, despite the lack of swastikas. Although, there is that pesky Iron Cross that did become associated with the Nazi regime even if started out as a regular military medal.

EA apologised and promised to change the name after a VICE article pointed out the potential issues with selling cool-looking, Nazi-adjacent character skins. The “Nazi style” has been the basis for plenty of villains across all forms of media for a long time, though, since it’s the easiest way to differentiate a person or group as evil in a mostly post-Nazi world. Making them look cool in a WWII context is probably what irks people.

EA also wants everyone to know that there aren’t any swastikas in the game, so nobodies actually a Nazi, and also they’re “not making any political statements in relation to real life events of WWII”.

Via Game Informer.

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